Sunday, August 14, 2016

etsy office.

So it is official, we have finally started an Etsy Office for The Welson Wagon! It's a home office, but the space is perfect. Many of the items (as per our custom) were second-hand pieces purchased from Craigslist, estate sales, thrift stores and garage sales. All of our Pinterest dreams are finally coming to fruition! It's great to have a set space to organize, store, and ship out our items as well as a quiet spot to update the Etsy store page and our blog. We love it!
White french doors lead you into the land of The Welson Wagon where our hers and hers vintage cane back chairs and a long simple desk greet you as you enter.
For our wrapping station, we used a gorgeous solid wood buffet table that fit perfectly in the built-in nook. We used command hooks and wood dowels to hang the wrapping paper and ribbon. Our vintage 1920's tri-fold mirror (available on our store!) tied up the space together, along with a basket of mix and match bits of ribbon, and a milk glass tray to display our business cards.
Of course, our office space would not be complete without dedicating an entire wall to our hero Cher. These are vintage Cher records that were framed using record frames purchased from Target.
Since the space held almost no beams, it was near impossible to install wall shelving. So we did the next best thing and sought out some bookshelves to display our beloved treasures. One was a simple white Ikea bookcase that needed some repair, but for $4 it was a steal. We were also able to score a gorgeous wicker shelf from a garage sale.
The last piece we were proud to display was handed down to us from our maternal Great Grandmother who we called "Nana." It is a collection of bits and pieces of vintage costume jewelry she collected and used to form the shape of a Christmas tree (a very popular craft during the 1950's). 

We are still working away on our office, and it is almost guaranteed to be a project that will last us our entire stay in this rental home, but that's what makes it fun! We will be sure to update all of our ongoing changes with the space.

 Snap out of it!
 Amanda & Ashleigh

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